Monday, May 14, 2012

Tammy Twinkles Post: Back into Sissy Baby Heaven

I have been instructed to post this. Princess Lisa has returned as my Mistress. I am so very happy. However, she just broke up with her boyfriend so she is a little upset and feels that her emotions should be taken out on me. I am very lucky for her to do so. I was given a list of several things to prepare for this morning, place on on the dining room table and to present myself naked at 9am sharp at Princess Lisa's bedroom door.
  • I had to be freshly shaved everywhere (except head).
  • Smell sweet and nice, I chose lilac body wash and moisturizer. Use the potty (#2) before showering.
  • Have a clean sissy outfit ready (I chose, pink satin panties, pink lacey TuTu, Pink and Purple Tinkerbell shirt) pink heart socks.
  • Have pacifier ready (my pink and purple one to match my outfit)
  • Have diapers ready (big stack of 20 Abri-Form X)
  • Have pink cb-3000 (chastity device) ready with lock & key.
  • Have plug ready
  • Have a baby bottle (again pink!)
  • Have a baby spoon (I selected my pink barbie spoon)
I presented myself at 8:55am naked for Princess Lisa. She came out in her black and yellow pajamas. She laughed and led me into the dining room where I was told to lay down and lift my legs. My pacifie was inseerted in my mouth. Princess then grabbed my balls hard and I felt the ring from the chastity device get placed on. As I started to get a little hard Pricess quickly fitted the top of my chastity over my penis and locked it in place. She then flicked my balls and called me a pathetic sissy baby. I then felt burning in my sissy baby hole as my butt plug was shoved quickly inside of me. I moaned in pain against my pacifier. Princess then told me to lift and began fastening my diapers on. Thicker and thicker they got. Princess put ten on, then my panties, then my tutu, then my shirt, then my socks. I was then forced to crawl around and say goo goo ga ga as Princess laughed. She then had me crawl to the computer and told me to write this. I am now being told that I will be forced to call off work tonight and remain dressed like this for a whole 24 hours and service Princess as she feels fit. My first task after writing is to cook pancakes for breakfast. Away I go. I am told I will be forced to post again later.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Princess Lisa Post- Back from Hiatus...Again

Hello all. I am back. Tammy Twinkles never went away, I just haven't allowed her to post on this site. She did however sneak some captions onto Cuckold Place without permission which she will be punished for. My previous BF and I got more serious and we both thought this was a distraction for me so I quit. I have still been making Tammy masturbate in front of me in diapers while I tease and I have also given her my wet panties to play with off and on. Other than that we have basically been frozen. Now I have quit my BF and will begin my full on humilation of Tammy Twinkles again. More posts to come. I attached the pathetic loser's captions. I really like the Want Ad and am thinking maybe that would be funny on cragslist to see if we get any responses. Any other humilating ideas, let me know.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Princess Lisa Post- Awesome Weekend Humilation for Tammy

We are back into full swing. To make sure Tammy Twinkles relearned her place we had a very aggressive weekend. Yesterday we began with complete sissy baby makeover. His chastity cage was removed. Sissy baby was trimmed from head to toe. nair was used pretty much everywhere except his tiny balls :) which were shaved. A long shower was then directed. He then put on peach moisturizer everywhere. I had him come into my room and lay on the floor. I put vaseline on his plug and slid it inside him. I then put huge chunks of vaseline all over his balls and tiny sissy penis. Then I took out the bag of Abi X-Plus diapers I got online a couple weeks back and diapered the sissy baby 8 thick, then the new white rubber panties. (see pics) The pink panties were not big enough to fit over her diapees so i just placed his long pink baby tee over and stuck his pink binky in Tammy's mouth. I then produced a pink body pillow for Tammy and instructed her to hump it for me while I watched a made some teasing comments.. She did and came very quckly in her diapees. I then had her crawl over to me and lay down on her back. I stuck my hand in her diapers and scooped up the cum. Since the sissy hasn't cum for awhile there was a little bit more than usual. I then took the pacifer out and stuck my fingers into his mouth. I told him to lick, suck and swallow and he did not. I told him if he didn't I would spank him. he still did not. I reached in his diaper with my other hand and squeezed his balls. He squeeled but then quickly cleaned the cum off my fingers. I then continued to do this until his cummy mess was gone. the pacifier was put back in. I then told him he was being punished for not doing his slutty job. I made him lay across a chair then I spanked him 50 times through his diaper. I then told him he was being punished so he had to stay in my closet the rest of the night. About an hour later i had my new BF come over. I went to the closet alone and told Tammy that if he made any noises and Brett found him he would get his ass kicked. (my closet has slots so you can see through the inside) he nodded his head in agreement. I had Brett come in my room and we played around (we have not ahd sex yet) then I had him sit on the edge of the bed facing the closet and I gave him a BJ. I then spit the cum in a cup next to the bed. We kissed and made out a while and I asked Brett if he was able to get hard again. He was so, I blew him again and again spit the cum into the cup.W ethen went and hung out for about an hour and a half in the Tv room. I then told reached into his pants and started stroking him. His big cock got hard again. I can't frigging beleive it. I took him back in my room and worked him with my hands for a good 15 minutes then brought my mouth down and he came about 5  minutes into my sucking and licking. I again spit the cum in the cup. we layed together a little while then I told him I didn't feel well and walked him out. I then brought the cup to the kitchen where the new pink baby bottle that i bought Tammy was. I scooped all the cum into the bottle filling it about a little more than quarter of the way. I then put the bottle nipple in the cup and put the rest of the cum in it. I called for Tammy Twinkles to cum out of the closet and bring his body pillow back to the Tv room. Tammy did so. I then decided to put little strip tease on for the sissy baby. As I started I told him I would continue to strip for him if he drank his whole bottle. I then handed him his bottle. He saw what was inside and he shook his head no, so then i told him if he didn't I would take pics of him and share them with everyone. He began to get teary eyed and started to suckle his ba ba. I then stripped for him down to my panties and bra and told him to finish and I would show him my tits :).He was having trouble with the cum going through the tiny hole at the end so I took the lid off and told him to chug the rest, he did (what a fucking loser!). I then told him that his effort was lacking ethusiasm and I would not show him my tits. I then had him sit in the corner with the taste still in his mouth and use my laptop to creat a caption of tonights humilation. I then learned that he made cummies while he watched us without permission so I had him pull down his diapers, I locked his cock back up and told him that something really humilating will have to take place for her to cum again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Princess Lisa Post- Tammy Twinkles is back! Yay!

As I previoulsy mentioned we took a brief break while Tammy dealt with some family issues. Tammy Twinkles is back officially and locked in her pink chastity cage, thick disposable diapees on, covered by pink rhumba panties and a pink tee. I am making him tell me how much he missed looking at my hot body and how much he missed being dressed up like the sissy baby she is. She missed it a lot. I could tell by her squirming in her diapers that her little clitty was straining in the pink chastiyt cage. Here is a caption he made for me this morning. Any tease ideas for this weekend?

Monday, March 5, 2012


We took a little time away. There were some family things for Tammy going on. We will be back in full swing sometime shortly. Thank you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Princess Lisa Post- Sissy Babying Continues

Hi all! Been a couple weeks. I have not let Tammy Twinkles out of his pink chastity cage. I tease him every chance I get and have made him beg me every night for me to let him take the cage off and cum. But I have not. I have told Tammy that she needs to learn some control for that sissy clitty. I will be letting him out tomorrow or Wednesday :) after I come home from my valentines date. Any ideas on how to make it very humiliating?